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Business activities of the company

Processed personal info

Name, Social Media Account, Email, Profile image

Recipients or categories or recipients of personal data, including recipients in third countries or international organizations

IT vendorsAccounting companyDetails on recipients of personal data are described in section Details of the processor(s)


Persons who have access to data subjects' personal data.

Envisaged time limits for erasure of the different categories of data

Free users will be erased in 30 days after cancelling IdeasWatch account.Due to current accounting legislation, clients who paid for IdeasWatch services can be erased in 10 years after the latest invoice.


Presumed deadlines for erasure of data subjects' personal data.

Confidentiality measures (admission management; access management; data classification system) and integrity measures (transfer and handling management)

All IT systems are secured by username and password and by two-factor authentication (when possible)Printed documents are securely stored at accounting company


A specific way or ways to secure a subject's personal data.

Procedures for regular review and assessment of measures (management of personal data protection, incident management, standard protection of personal data, processing management)

Process of processing personal data is reviewed on yearly basis.


Reviewing the course of processing of a subject's personal data, updating of information about the processing and of the personal data as such.

Legal grounds for processing

Legitimate interests of the controller (providing requested services)


Legal facts giving ground to to processing of the personal data.

From whom does my organization receive personal data?

From the customers themselves


Information whether the processed personal data comes from the data subjects, the organization's own activities or other sources.

Is provision of personal data obligatory and what does this requirement arise from?

Prerequisite for providing the offered services.Not providing the data would prevent us technically from fulfilling the promised services.


If personal data are provided by the data subjects, this states the reason why the organization needs the data and whether their provision is obligatory.

Are automated decisions or profiling used?



This entry states whether automated decisions (without human interventions), including profiling (forecasting future behaviour), take place in the organization based on a subject's personal data.

The attached summary shows you individual rights that data subjects may claim according to GDPR.

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