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Recipients or categories or recipients of personal data, including recipients in third countries or international organizations

No recipients


Persons who have access to data subjects' personal data.

Presumed deadlines for erasure of individual categories (if possible)

Storage for 6 months


Presumed deadlines for erasure of data subjects' personal data.

Legal grounds for processing



Legal facts giving ground to to processing of the personal data.

From whom does my organization receive personal data?

From data subject


Information whether the processed personal data comes from the data subjects, the organization's own activities or other sources.

Is provision of personal data obligatory and what does this requirement arise from?

Provision of data is voluntary, they are processed on the basis of consent


If personal data are provided by the data subjects, this states the reason why the organization needs the data and whether their provision is obligatory.

The attached summary shows you individual rights that data subjects may claim according to GDPR.

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