Online GDPR implementation with a lawyer's review is a quick and affordable way to solve GDPR. Take advantage of our magical tools, the supervision of lawyers at Legal Partners and our Zero penalty guarantee.


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Solving GDPR (quickly)

1) Sign up and enter the section for registered users. Download all the specimen and publications available in th section for FREE.

2) Download the manual called the Quic GDPR Implementation Guide. Go through the document and fill out the so-called Basic Chart. If anything is unclear, consult the downloadable Methodology.

3) Once you've filled out the Basich Chart in the guide, use it to set up individual Groups, i.e. categories of natural persons whose personal data you process, in Module 3 (Tools). Then, fill out a Profile for each Group. Use the guidelines given by the Prompter in the tool. Finally, check whether the automatically generated Information Board assigned the information you filled in to respective individual Groups.

4) Done? Ask for a review by a lawyer in Module 4. If everything is correct, the lawyer sends you a confirmation email, qualifying you for the certificate in Module 5. If the lawyer finds deficiencies, you'll receive specific recommendations for adjustments or the lawyer may adjust necessary items themselves.



Publications that you'll receive:


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