GDPR solution for Accountant or Tax Consultant

GDPR for Accountants or Tax Consultants

Accountants and tax consultants process large amount of personal data related to business partners and employees of their corporate and SME clients. Therefore, accountants and tax consultants act towards data subjects as data processors of their personal data. Nevertheless, they are still subject to certain obligations under the data protection legislation. As the part of personal data processing, they have to, in particular, conclude a contract on personal data processing with their clients. In certain cases, accountants and tax consultants act as data controllers, e.g. when sending newsletters, commercial messages via email or doing other marketing activities.

The fulfillment of GDPR obligations especially for independent accountants and tax consultants can be time consuming and costly. Based on our long-term experience in the area of personal data protection, we prepared an interactive template containing pre-filled ways of handling personal data that occur most often in the accounting and tax consultancy business. The template will further enable you to fulfill your notification duty towards data subjects. The notification duty is one of the material obligations arising from GDPR.

In addition to purchasing the template, you will get access to our database of GDPR sample documents, including an agreement on processing of personal data.

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