GDPR solution for Automobile Repair Shop or Car Dealership

GDPR for Automobile Repair Shop or Car Dealership

Car repair shops and car dealerships also handle great amount of personal data, so they will not avoid the implementation of GDPR into their business. The processing of personal data is carried out primarily when a sale of vehicle is made to a customer, within the provision of services, including, for example, creation of a profile of vehicle behavior in operation, or for marketing purposes. Some of the processed data can be further shared with a vehicle manufacturer or a distributor. Typical personal data processed in the automotive industry is the VIN code or the license plate of the car.

Therefore, we prepared an interactive template for automobile repair shops and car showrooms that will enable them to relatively easily and quickly implement the basic legal obligations arising from GDPR. The template already includes pre-filled common ways of personal data processing within the operation of a car service and a car showroom. By using our template, car repair shops and car showrooms will be able to fulfill both the obligation to keep sufficient records of processing activities as well as the obligation to notify persons whose personal data are processed about such processing.

In addition to the purchase of the template, you will also get access to the extensive collection of our GDPR sample documents.

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