GDPR solution for Educational Institution

GDPR for Educational Institutions

Kindergartens, schools, high schools, grammar schools, vocational schools and other educational institutions process great amount of personal data about their pupils and students. Although, the substantial part of personal data is related to the fulfillment of statutory duties of schools, the significant part of personal data can be processed in connection with extracurricular activities of pupils and students, school performances and other school activities as well as online accessible evidence of grades, virtual classrooms and similar software. Analyzing all personal data processing at schools and assessing legal reasons for handling such personal data can often be a time-consuming task.

Based on our long-term experience with the implementation of GDPR, we developed an interactive template of records of processing activities specifically tailored towards the educational sector that already contain pre-filled ways of personal data processing by most educational institutions. At the same time, the template can be used for fulfilling the information duty towards pupils, students, parents and other persons concerned about processing of their personal data.

Together with the interactive template, you will gain access to an extensive collection of sample contracts and sample GDPR documents that you can further use to comply with privacy laws on a continuous basis. The GDPR documents include, for example, a contract on processing of personal data.

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