GDPR solution for Employment Agency

GDPR for Employment Agencies

Processing of personal data of job seekers is the key to the successful business of any employment agency. The employment agency predominantly collects personal data from the applicants’ CVs and further assesses such personal data as the part of pre-selection process in which it seeks suitable candidates for its client. Personal data of pre-selected candidates is then shared with the agency's client for the purpose of conducting a job interview and internal evaluation of the candidate by the client.

Headhunters often create their own databases of suitable job applicants who they contact from time to time with a new job offer. However, the operation of such databases is also subject to the GDPR regulation because they contain large amount of personal data of job seekers.

If you wonder whether your recruitment agency acts as a data controller or as a data processor, whether you have to have candidates' consent with the processing of their personal data, or whether you have to conclude an agreement on personal data processing with your client before you will share applicant’s personal data with him, we have an affordable solution for you. We developed an interactive template of records of processing activities that is tailor-made for employment agencies. The interactive template already contains the most common ways of processing personal data by recruitment agencies, so you don’t have to spend additional time with filling in market standard information on personal data processing. Our template can also be used for fulfilling the notification duty towards persons whose personal data you process.

Our interactive template together with our GDPR e-books and our GDPR sample documents to which you get an access after the purchase of the template will assist you with the GDPR implementation into the business of your employment agency in a very short time and at significant cost savings.

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