GDPR solution for Hospitality industry

GDPR for Hospitality industries

The right implementation of GDPR can be time consuming and financially burdensome especially for hotels, hostels, boarding houses, campsites and other accommodation facilities. The accommodation facilities usually collect large amount of personal data of its guests as of making a room reservation, then on the check-in and until the check-out. The substantial part of personal data is gathered in connection with collection of local taxes or fees for spa or recreational stay or maintaining a guestbook. Quite complicated issues arise when accommodation booking and payment for stay is made through external service providers such as AirBnB, etc., in which case it is necessary to distinguish between handling of personal data from the position of a data controller and handling of the same from the position of a data processor

We managed to simplify the implementation of GDPR for the hospitality businesses. Therefore, we prepared for them a tailor-made interactive template of records of processing activities in which the most common ways of personal data collection and processing in the hospitality industry is already filled in. The template can also be used to comply with the notification duty towards persons whose personal data is subject to processing to the extent required by the GDPR regulation.

Together with purchasing our template, you get an access to the collection of model contracts and other documentation, including documentation on the operation of the CCTV system in a hotel.

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