GDPR solution for Medical Practitioner, Pharmacy or Health Facility

GDPR for Medical Practitioner, Pharmacy or Health Facility

Medical professionals encounter large amount of personal data on a daily basis. The substantial part of such personal data is of a sensitive nature since it reflects the health of patients and their relatives.

Medical facilities process personal data primarily because they are required to do so by law. Such processing involves mainly keeping proper medical records, fulfilling duties in relation to payments for health services and settlement of provided health services, recording and handling of complaints and recording and reporting of adverse events and adverse reactions. Such personal data processing includes not only personal data of patients but also personal data of patients’ family members, patients’ employers and even of health professionals.

Many general practitioners and physicians introduced a booking system for their patients that must be considered as a tool for personal data processing as well. There is no legal duty to process personal data via a booking system, so other legal grounds for personal data processing must be identified.

We therefore created an interactive template for doctors, pharmacists and healthcare facilities that will assist them with the implementation of GDPR because our template already contains the most common ways of personal data processing in the healthcare industry. The template can also serve for informing patients and other persons about how their personal data is processed by the medical facility. 

Moreover, the interactive template gives you access to our database of sample GDPR documents, including a processing agreement.

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