GDPR solution for Nonprofit organization

GDPR for Nonprofit organizations

Despite the public benefit of nonprofit and charitable organizations, they are not spared from the compliance with the personal protection regulations. In certain cases, the GDPR regulation can fall on them much harder than on other persons even though they do not make any profit. Nonprofit organizations often have large databases of their donors or extract publicly accessible registers, such as the Commercial Register, the Trade Register, the Cadastral Register. Within the course of their donation campaigns, they from time to time send requests for financial contributions into specific projects or for their charitable activities and inform their donors about the charitable activities through newsletters. Some NPOs even handle sensitive personal data about social situation or about health of persons to whom they help.

Each nonprofit organization should therefore take particular care about compliance with the privacy laws and about security of personal data that is being processed. In order to make it easier for NPOs to operate within the framework of privacy laws, we prepared an interactive template in which the most common ways of personal data processing in the non-profit sector are already pre-filled. By using the template, the nonprofit organization will save costs related to the implementation of GDPR to its internal processes. In addition, the interactive template can be used to fulfil the notification duty towards the persons whose personal data is processed by the nonprofit organization. Together with the purchase of the template, you will get access to our GDPR sample documents.

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