GDPR solution for Online Retailer

GDPR for Online Retailers

Working with personal data is one of the main activities of each online retailer, be it purchasing goods from suppliers, processing purchase orders from customers, delivering goods via package delivery company, sending commercial messages or maintaining accounts of customers in the e-commerce management software, including summary of previous purchase orders. The online retailer thus handles personal data on a daily basis. The delivery of parcels via package delivery company requires transfer of personal data of customers from the online retailer to the package delivery company, including the cell phone number and e-mail address, in order to deliver goods to customers on time. A deep understanding of different personal data processing within the operation of the online shop and the relationship between the online retailer and its business partners do not have to be as simple to get as it looks like. 

If you are already lost in terms such as a data collector, a data processor, a contract on personal data processing or in legal grounds for processing of personal data, we offer you a simple and affordable solution that will facilitate the implementation of GDPR in your online business. Based on our long-term experience in the e-commerce sector, we created an interactive template of records of processing activities for online retailers. The template already contains the most common ways of personal data processing in the online business and can, therefore, simplify first steps of the GDPR implementation in your internet business. In addition, the template can also serve as an online tool for fulfilling your notification duty towards your customers and other persons. 

Together with the template, you will gain access to our collection of GDPR sample documents that will enable you to fulfill you main obligations arising from the privacy laws.

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