GDPR solution for Real Estate Agent

GDPR for Real Estate Agents

The successful real estate business is based on quality contact database of tenants, landlords, purchasers and sellers and on being in touch with potential real estate buyers. However, several issues arise in relation to processing of the contact details in compliance with. What are the legal reasons on the basis of which the real estate broker processes personal data? Does the real estate broker need to have a consent of persons concerned? What are the obligations of the real estate broker connected with the personal data processing?

The key aspect of GDPR compliance is keeping records of processing activities that include all necessary information. Nonetheless, without a thorough study of data protection legislation, it is not easy to prepare such records, and this is especially relevant for persons who have no previous experience with privacy laws.

Therefore, we prepared an interactive template of records of processing activities that not only contain the most common ways of handling personal data in the real estate business but also allow you to fulfill your notification obligation towards persons whose personal data are processed. By using the template, you will save time with the GDPR compliance.

In addition, you will get access to extensive collection of sample contracts and other documents that can be used within the processing of personal data. A popular template is a contract for personal data processing that can be used for the purpose of a transfer of personal data to your subcontractor that perform additional processing activities.

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