GDPR solution for Restaurant or Coffeehouse

GDPR for Restaurants or Coffeehouses

As a restaurant or café owner, you probably don’t expect that laws regulating the personal data protection apply to you as well.

If you record table bookings into a reservation system, if you operate a CCTV system or if you have employees, the privacy laws will apply to you. Your main responsibilities include keeping records of processing activities and notifying persons whose personal data you process about the processing and their rights.

However, handling of personal data when operating a restaurant of a coffeehouse can also involve the use of external reservation management system. In such case, it is necessary to clearly determine whether your business partner operating the reservation management system acts as a data controller or as a data processor.

If you feel lost right now, don’t worry. Based on our previous experience, we prepared an interactive template for clients in the restaurant business that already contains the most common ways of personal data processing in the hospitality industry. The interactive template also makes it easier for you to comply with your notification duty towards data subjects.

In addition to purchase of our interactive template, you will be able to access an extensive database of sample GDPR documents that can for example facilitate the implementation of a CCTV system in your restaurant or coffeehouse.

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