GDPR solution for Sole Entrepreneur with no employees

GDPR for Sole Entrepreneur with no employees

Even an independent entrepreneur without employees, sometimes referred to as a freelancer, is often affected by the GDPR regulation and privacy laws in general. Such freelancer usually handles personal data of its suppliers and customers in order to carry out own business activities and to keep records of issued invoices. At the same time, the sole trader can process contact details for marketing purposes – that is also considered a handling of personal data.

Particularly for such sole entrepreneurs, we offer a cost-effective interactive template with pre-filled information that will enable them to fulfill two basic legal obligations arising from GDPR in a very short time and with very little effort. The first legal obligation is to keep records of personal data that is processed by the entrepreneur to the extent required by GDPR. The second legal obligation is to inform persons whose personal data is processed about certain aspects of the data processing. Our template already contains the most common ways of processing of personal data by a sole trader with no employees, so you don’t have to spend time by filling in ways of personal data processing that are common for most business activities.

In addition, by purchasing our interactive template, each small entrepreneur gets access to our database of GDPR sample documents that will further facilitate the implementation of GDPR. The most commonly used model contract is a contract on processing of personal data that can be used especially for transfer of personal data from the sole trader to his business partner or vice versa.

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