GDPR solution for Travel Company and Travel Agency

GDPR for Travel Companies and Travel Agencies

Travel companies and travel agencies are subject to legal regulations on the protection of personal data as well. They collect and further process large amount of personal data, in particular of their customers, including name, surname, date of birth, passport number and passport validity, and then transfer such personal data to airlines or hotels in various exotic destinations, including hotels located outside the EU.

Travel companies and travel agencies must therefore ensure that they fully comply with the regulations on the protection of personal data and especially when they transfer personal data to countries outside the EU. Naturally, certain part of personal data is used for marketing purposes, such as sending newsletters, special holiday offers, etc.

Given the time required for the initial implementation of GDPR in the travel industry, we created an interactive template for these businesses to assist them with fulfilling their basic legal obligations under GDPR. The interactive template already contains pre-filled ways of personal data processing that are common for most travel companies and travel agencies. The template can be used to fulfill the notification duty of travel companies and travel agencies towards customers, as required by the GDPR regulation.

In addition, we will provide you with a collection sample GDPR documentation that will further facilitate your business needs with respect to privacy laws requirements. Many sample contracts are available in English as well.

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