Frequently Asked Questions


1) What does give me? 

The website gives you a complete package and the best price/performance ratio of all the possibilities to implement GDPR. You'll get a brief summary of necessary GDPR knowledge (including the fifty most common questions about GDPR), commented model documentation for your own use (consent to processing, internal regulations etc.), an online GDPR profile with a detailed Prompter. Your GDPR profile leads you to GDPR compliance, along with your GDPR Information Board that allows you to fulfil your obligation to inform all your personal data subjects, no matter whether your customers, employees or suppliers. Everythings gets checked by a specialized attorney and if everything is in order, you'll receive a badge certifying your GDPR compliance and finally the Zero Penalty Guarantee


2) What's the Guaranteed Method of GDPR Implementation?


The Guaranteed Method of GDPR Implementation is a practical way consisting of 6 steps (= Modules). It leads to compliance with obligations arising from GDPR and keeping this compliance in the future. It was developed by lawyers in cooperation with IT specialists as an outcome form dozens of GDPR implementations in various companies. The service is a practical tool based on this method. It will lead you through individual Modules all the way to proper GDPR implementation. Moreover, it can help you keep this compliance in the future.




3) Why is better than other services?


Because it offers a complex solutoin for a great price. Maybe, you can download some model agreement or consent or buy them really cheaply. However, they will not be supplied with detailed comments and so well designed as those that you get at Besides, proper GDPR implementation consists of much more than just model contracts and GDPR documents. The GDPR regulation is a legal norm. Therefore, the implementation in your organization should be at least monitored by a specialized law office. And there is no similar service that includes a personal review by a specialized law office. This sole factor makes a level better than other implementation tools. However, we'd like you to see for yourself. We keep working on the service and developing it so we'll welcome any opinion or observation. 



4) What if I don't know what to do?


We tried to provide you with a sufficient amount of information, tips and examples in each Module.

Plus, as always, if you need help, just let us know at



5) How do I request the review by the lawyer? Do I have to?


You don't have to, but it's in the price of the complete implementation service. Once you're sure that you've filled out the whole GDPR profile of your organization, you're unaware of any deficiencies and you've checked everythign, hit the button in Module 4. That's how you request the review. A lawyer at Legal Partners, Attorneys-at-law will then review the profile in a short time and lets you know whether the profile is ok. If it's not, the lawyer will send you recommendations for its improvement.



6) What's the Badge? How do I get it?


The Badge certifies that you've filled out your GDPR correctly and that you've published the necessary information on your online GDPR Information Board. As soon as you receive a confirmation email from the lawyer at Legal Partners (only emails ending with, download the Badge in Module 5 and place it on your website.



7) What's the Zero Penalty Guarantee? When and how do I receive it?


The Zero Penalty Guarantee is a legally binding written obligation of the DuPonti Company that the company will compensate you for any financial sanction that the supervisory authority might impose on you although you have met all our recommendations. The Zero Penalty Guarantee is your cover against potential loss (penalty). 



8) Who do I conclude an agreement with?


You're concluding an agreement with the DuPonti Compani who is the provider of the implementation service. The DuPonti Company is the licence holder for the use of the know-how and copyright works associated with the Guaranteed Method of GDPR Implementation. For to purposes of the review of the GDPR profile of organizations, the DuPonti Company cooperates with a law office, i.e. Legal Partners, Attorneys-at-law. The costs of legal services of Legal Partners are covered by the DuPonti Company. 



9) How can you afford such a cheap price?


Because we effectively streamlined the whole GDPR implementation process. We moved a part of job of the traditionally offline councelling companies to us and a part to you. You don't need to pay people in order to tell them what you process, who can access the data and other things which you know best. 



10) How do I contact you? 

You can contact us by means of



11) What do these terms mean?


"Guaranteed Method of GDPR Implementation" = a method of GDPR Implementation, developed by lawyers, IT specialists based on dozens of GDPR implementation in individual companies that enables you to achieve GDPR compliance and keep it in the future.

"Module" = an individual step, part of the method; there are 6 Modules altogether at

"GDPR profile" = the profile of your organization that you create in Module 3; the profile is an online version of records of processing of personal data in a broader and safer form; moreover, it represnts the PIA the completion of which is necessary for complying with GDPR.

"(GDPR) Information Board" = publically accessible part of your GDPR profile; some information must be accessible to data subjects (= your obligation to inform) and that's what the Information does - it gives data subjects access to the necessary information. You define what is published on the Information Board during filling out the GDPR profile (with our prompts and recommendations). Individual Information Boards are generated for individual categories of data subjects. Hence, you'll have an individual Information Board for employees, another one for business partners or suppliers and a defferent one for clients. Each Information Board has a unique URL so, for example, your suppliers will not see the Information Board for your employees.

"Prompter" = the textual hints displayed to you when filling out the GDPR profile. The Prompter gives you detailed instructions, prompts and examples telling you how to fill out individiual fields of your GDPR profile. The Prompter is also available in a single document (in an eBook), named as the Legend of the GDPR Profile.

"Zero Penalty Guarantee" = our guarantee that if you fulfil all our recommendations, we'll compensate you for any sanction imposed on you by the supervisory authority. In other words, if the supervisory authority imposes a penalty on you although you've filled your GDPR profile correctly and you have a correct public GDPR Information Board, you'll get compensated in the amount of the imposed penalty.